The Child

Re-watching the panel discussion focusing on ‘The Child’ from the Montessori Everywhere day of celebrations,  I was  inspired by the global perspectives and the challenging questions posed by KimAnh Nguyen Anderson to the panellists:  Trisha Moquino (New Mexico),  Dr Laura Flores Shaw (USA) and Gabriel Salomao (Brazil). The well informed, thoughtful and respectful responses provoked … Continue reading The Child

Supporting Additional Needs in a Montessori Setting

A five minute trawl through Montessori Facebook group posts highlights the many concerns Montessori educators have when confronted with what are perceived as ‘deviations from the norm’ as they guide the children in their care. As we lovingly prepare our beautiful and orderly environments, providing attractive Montessori activities in the different curriculum areas, we expect … Continue reading Supporting Additional Needs in a Montessori Setting