World Children’s Day 2020

Today is World Children's Day, and we are thrilled to share with you this compilation of mini-blogs written by members of our Montessori Community, celebrating and promoting children's rights as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. World Children's Day 2020 BlogDownload

Can you create a Montessori classroom on a desert island?

This was one of the questions explored by the Challenge Pavilion panellists during the Montessori Everywhere event created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Montessori’s birth.  The focus of the discussions was to revisit the four pillars of the Montessori approach - one of which is the Environment.  It is the most tangible of the … Continue reading Can you create a Montessori classroom on a desert island?

There is nothing especially Montessori about 2020…

There has been nothing especially Montessori about 2020 so far as the world has experienced the Covid19 pandemic.  However, the many stories shared by Montessori practitioners of this period of time, reflect the importance of relationships and the sense of belonging to a community, mirroring the experiences of other early years educators. The announcement of … Continue reading There is nothing especially Montessori about 2020…

Examining My Approach to Holidays

We are reposting, with gratitude, this blog post originally written by and posted on Tammy Oesting's website: ClassrooMechanics. We are looking forward to our webinar on Tuesday 3 November featuring Tammy, Andy Lulka from Integrating Montessori and Shalisa Agam from the Montessori Jewish Day School in Toronto when we will examine how we might offer … Continue reading Examining My Approach to Holidays