About Us

We then become witnesses to the development of the human soul; the emergence of the New Man, who will no longer be the victim of events but, thanks to his clarity of vision, will become able to direct and to mould the future of mankind…

Montessori, M. The Absorbent Mind

Barbara Isaacs

Montessori training, more than 35 year ago, gave me the opportunity to share what I have learned with children and adults and parents.  I have had the privilege of running a nursery school, training Montessori teachers, leading a team of knowledgeable and dedicated Montessori colleagues in developing new courses, publishing a magazine, organising conferences, and representing Montessori at government and international level.  I have written articles and a couple of books, and raised our own children who also benefitted from what I have gained from all these professional and personal experiences.

I now wish to encourage the current and new generation of early years professionals to search for the essence of childhood by helping them nurture the joy of  play and learning, trust and respect for all children and communities, and care and love for the riches of our beautiful planet.

Wendelien Bellinger

I am a Montessori Early Years Educator and have worked as a Deputy Head and Special Educational Needs Coordinator in a London-based Montessori setting, before working at Montessori Centre International as an Academic Lecturer.

With the challenges we are facing today, we need an education system to match, in order to support our children to develop the skills and the mindset to flourish. Our current, standardised educational approach does not and will not prepare our children for their future, and I believe that the essence of the Montessori philosophy holds the key to the transformation education so badly needs.

By providing a space where we can join our voices, I hope we can shout more loudly about the urgency of this long-awaited educational reform.