Loose Parts Play

By Barbara Isaacs, September 2021 If you are connected with the wider early years community you would have heard about loose parts play; you may have come across articles, or bought one of the books by Miriam Beloglovsky and Lisa Daly.  You may also ask yourself:  “What is new here, we have always had collections … Continue reading Loose Parts Play

The 1913 Rome lectures

Montessori-Pierson Publishing, 2013 By Barbara Isaacs, September 2021 This year’s book club readings take us back to the first international training delivered by Montessori in Rome in 1913.  She was 43, and already celebrated around the world for her revolutionary approach to education.  Today we would say that these lectures made a significant contribution to … Continue reading The 1913 Rome lectures

A Pedagogy of Love

Barbara Isaacs, 12 September 2021 Love features regularly in Montessori’s own writing. I have often wondered what she herself meant by this. Did she mean the unconditional love of a parent (prime carer), which all children need to thrive, and which she, herself, was not able to share with her own son when he was … Continue reading A Pedagogy of Love


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