Book Club

In our frenetic lives, we have little time to read Montessori’s writings and lose touch with the gems shared with us in her work as we get overwhelmed by our daily work with the children.

A small group of us has been meeting to discuss Montessori’s writing as we feel this an important part of our professional development. By revisiting our roots we have an opportunity to reignite our passion for Montessori and also critically reflect on her writing and its relevance today. We are keen to extend the group because we have realised that whilst we share in the Montessori legacy, our understanding of her work very much follows the unique journey each one of us makes as a teacher, trainer and parent.

There is huge value in sharing in our voices to ensure that the authentic “voice of the child” is heard. It is particularly important in today’s world when we have an opportunity to influence the path of education for the benefit in children, communities and society. We see the book club as a chance to articulate our understanding of the essence of Montessori pedagogy.

Join us as we continue our monthly sessions where we explore and reflect on Montessori’s writing.

What’s On

We will continue to read Maria Montessori’s 1913 Rome Lectures as we wish to return to and reflect on Montessori’s earliest writing.

15 March, 7 pm (UTC)

Maria Montessori, 1913 Rome Lectures

  • Attention (p. 183)
  • Imagination (p. 195)
  • Intelligence (p. 218)
  • Education of the Senses (p. 205)

If you are interested in exploring how Montessori’s thoughts on these two issues developed over time, you might like to dip into The 1946 London Lectures in which Lecture 10 looks at ‘Unlocking the Intelligence’ and Lecture 24 looks at ‘The Construction of Imagination’.
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3 May, 7 pm (UTC)

In this last book club of this academic year, we will read our final chapters of The 1913 Rome Lectures:

  • Chapter: Prizes and Punishments (p:126)
  • Chapter: Will (p:246)
  • Chapter: Moral Education (p:259)

We will also take time to reflect on what we will take away from exploring this early work of Montessori and invite you, ahead of the session to consider the following:

Did you find reading some of Montessori’s writing challenging? Or contradictory?

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