We are most grateful for the exclusive support of My Montessori Child, the only genuinely Montessori system for early years record-keeping. This support allows us to serve the Montessori Community and to provide free access for all to everything we do.

Montessori Europe is a hub for Montessori education in Europe and organises networking events, collaboration, exchange, mutual support. Its aim is to create synergy and to increase motivation. Membership of Montessori Europe (ME) is seen as an important means to strengthen the ties between Montessori professionals working in Europe.

Montessori Europe organises, amongst other things, monthly webinars: Connecting Montessori.

The Montessori Notebook is a place for parents to get practical inspiration for bringing the Montessori principles into their homes. There are a lot of free resources for parents, online workshops and a blog with lots of Montessori inspiration answering all the questions that come up for parents (and teachers too). Simone Davies is also the author of the popular guide, The Montessori Toddler (for children from 1-3 years). The Montessori Baby (for 0-12 months) is due out in March 2021 and The Montessori Child (for children 3-12 years) in March 2022.

The Male Montessorian is a project that emerged out of a desire to complicate understandings of gender, with the intention to inspire spaces that are inclusive and care-full. The blog features a diverse range of voices and theoretical perspectives, as a means to resist single-story narratives, to elevate alternative narratives that hold space for the ever-emerging differences in Montessori early childhood spaces.  

Think Equal is currently offering 6 weeks worth of free online resources, comprising 6 original narrative picture books and classroom lesson plans for teachers (Classroom Pack) or the same books with simple activities to do together at home (Home Kit). Sign up to receive them here.

Think Equal is a global education initiative that calls for a system change in education to end the discriminatory mindset and cycle of violence across our world. It asks: “How can it be deemed compulsory for a child to learn mathematics in an age in which we have calculators, and yet it is optional for a child to learn how to value another human being and lead healthy relationships?” Think Equal works with governments and education ministers to adopt its free programme mediating all aspects of value-based, experiential social and emotional learning for children aged 3-6. The curriculum covers age appropriate lessons in empathy, emotional literacy, resilience, self-regulation, critical thinking, gender equality, peaceful conflict resolution, and self-esteem.