EY Setting Leaders & Managers Events

17 May, 7 pm (UTC) – Working with Non-Montessori Team Members

Molly Easton is mainstream trained but started a Montessori daycare, employing non-Montessori teachers with whom she is working to deliver a Montessori experience for the children attending. As the Montessori community in England struggles to employ new team members, employing non-Montessori teachers is becoming a more common approach. How does this work in practice?  She will also share her experiences of preparing an environment and integrating babies, toddlers and the older children in the daily life of the nursery.

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7 June, 7 pm (UTC) – Early Childhood Education during Covid19 in England and Wales

We are delighted to welcome back Dr Nathan Archer, who will share with us the report “Essential but undervalued: early years care and education during Covid19” which he authored together with Dr Kate Hardy, Professor Jennifer Tomlinson, Dr Helen Norman, Dr Katie Cruz and Dr Xanthe Whittaker. The report’s findings make for stark reading and stress that “the sector will play a key role in post-Covid recovery, as it is foundational to the economy, yet it is facing a recruitment and retention crisis after years of underfunding, exacerbated by the pandemic.”

Nathan will highlight how the pandemic has affected both settings as well as parents and families, sharing with us the recommendations that have evolved out of the findings.

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