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Montessori Assistant and/or Teacher, Highgate Montessori, London, job posted 18 May 2022

Montessori Guide, Playhood, North London, job posted 27 March 2022

Manager, Gardens Montessori, London, job posted 22 March 2022

Term time Teacher, Green Twigs Nursery, Montessori and Forest School, job posted, 7 March 2022

Montessori Teacher and Teaching Assistant, Unity Montessori Nursery School, London, job posted 7 March 2022

Full time Teacher, Gardens Montessori, London, job posted 4 February 2022

Montessori Teachers, Little Gems Montessori Nursery, Cyprus, job posted 4 February 2022

Paint Pots Montessori is looking to fill 4 vacancies (January 2022)

Montessori Teacher (can be adapted for an Assistant role), Barnes Montessori Nursery, Barnes, London, position available from February half-term or Summer 2022