Join us as we Challenge Our Practice

In our first online discussion on Wednesday 15 July at 7 pm (BST), we will focus on a topic discussed by the “Integrating Montessori Facebook group” in early May when they focused on Work is only ‘The Child’s Work’ when it is freely chosen – we would strongly encourage you to listen to the recording of this facebook discussion.

Do not be put off by the length of the session – there are some real pearls of wisdom included in the discussion which was led by Andy Lulka and contributed to by Simone Davies, Catherine McTamaney, Sid Mohandas – to mention just a few names which may be familiar to you. 

Our initial questions are:

  • Do you agree with the statement: Work is only The Child’s Work when it is freely chosen?
  • How does Montessori define ‘the child’s work’?
  • How does this definition link with  the way you introduce an activity  to children?
  • Do all activities have to be introduced to children?
  • How do you share activities with children?
  • Can/ or should only Montessori activities be considered the child’s work?

We do hope that these questions will spark your curiosity and will lead you the recording and participation in our discussion webinar on Wednesday 15 July at 7 pm (BST).