Montessori Europe

Montessori Europe is a hub for Montessori education in Europe, organising networking events, collaboration, opportunities for the exchange of ideas and best practice, and synergy between Montessorians.

This autumn, their series of webinars continues, based on a discussion of the four pillars of the Montessori approach – the child, the adult, the environment and the community as originally discussed in the Montessori Everywhere summit on 30 August 2020.

These webinars will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • meet two members of the newly elected Montessori Europe Board
  • meet Andy Lulka of Integrating Montessori who masterminded the Challenge Discussion Panels for Montessori Everywhere. Andy will introduce each webinar by providing a short summary of the Challenge Panel Discussion
  • participate in break-out-room discussions arranged according to the age group of children with whom you work
  • return to share common strands of the conversations from break out rooms

The webinars will be held at 19.00 CET on Tuesdays. When you sign up, please indicate which plane of development you are interested in so we can pre-assign you to the appropriate break-out group.

27 October 7 pm (CET): The Child

This webinar will focus on exploring the assumptions we make about children, the ways in which we inadvertently exclude children, and the ways we can be more accepting of all children. Sign up here.

17 November 7 pm (CET): The Environment

This webinar will invite you to think of the environment in a way that includes the classroom and the materials, whether at home or at school. Sign up here.

24 November 7 pm (CET): The Adult

This webinar will reflect on what we mean when we talk about “the prepared adult”. Sign up here.

8 December 7 pm (CET): The Community

This webinar will invite us to think about peace education and social development and how they are entwined with social justice and the individual development of the child as well as the adult. Sign up here.