Montessori Everywhere 150

We loved every second of the Montessori Everywhere event that took place on 30 August to celebrate and honour Maria Montessori’s life and work. A day where we reflected on “the interrelatedness of everything, reverence for the child, the importance of community, cosmic tasks, and perhaps most importantly… seeing Montessori as a pedagogy of liberation” (Andrea Lulka).

We will revisit the panel discussions in our webinars in the future, unpacking their rich content reflecting on and challenging us to think about:

  • The environment
  • The adult
  • The child
  • The community

All recordings are available on the Montessori Everywhere website. They are also available on the Montessori Everywhere Facebook Page and on the YouTube Channel. Enjoy not only the panel discussions but also the clips in the Celebrate Pavilion which truly reflect the joyous voice of the child.

The magnificent Montessori Everywhere Team…