Applying the EYFS in Your Montessori Setting

This guide was prepared by Barbara Isaacs, Montessori Musings UK, and is dedicated to all the amazing Montessori Early Years Teachers, committed to guiding the children in their care so they may reach their full potential.

The guide is available in electronic format only. It is available to all in return for whatever small donation you can make to The Sparkle Foundation, an organisation that attempts to deliver a future in which every community has equal opportunity to live a life of health and self-sufficiency in Malawi. Their integrated approach incorporates four main pillars: education, community, nutrition and healthcare. All reliant on each other to be successful they support children, youth, women and the elderly with a range of programmes that are developed based on the needs of our community.

Their education programme for children under 6 is based on a mix of the Montessori vision with Malawi’s National Early Childhood Development structure, to provide an educational, fun and creative English-speaking environment for the children to begin their journey of learning.

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For a taster of the guide, please click here.

To request a copy of the guide, please email us.