Explore the different events we host to bring the Montessori Community together. Join our book club where we consider Montessori’s original writings; challenge your practice with us as we sink our teeth into topics that challenge us; access events specifically for leaders and managers of Montessori Early Years settings; and participate in some of the wonderful events hosted by other organisations in the Montessori Community.

Dates for your diary

20-Oct, 6 pm (BST)Reflecting on Play 
27-Oct, 6 pm (UTC)Montessori Europe – The Child
03-Nov, 7 pm (UTC)Challenging our Practice
09-Nov, 7 pm (UTC)Montessori Setting Leaders & Managers
10-Nov, 7 pm (UTC)Book Club  
17-Nov, 6 pm (UTC) Montessori Europe – The Environment
24-Nov, 6 pm (UTC)Montessori Europe, The Adult
07-Dec, 7 pm (UTC)Challenging our Practice / Montessori Setting Leaders & Managers
08-Dec, 6 pm (UTC)Montessori Europe, The Community

Topics 2021

  • Self-regulation
  • Interacting or Interfering?
  • Cultural Capital
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience or Compliance?
  • Development Matters
  • Technology in the Montessori Setting
  • The Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Creativity in the Montessori Setting