Webinar Recordings

Resources inspired by the webinars are shared with participants in a follow-up email.

Working with the Under Three’s, with Annamaria Guild, The Under Threes, 14 June 2022

Early Childhood Education and Care During Covid19, with Dr. Nathan Archer, Leeds Beckett University, 7 June 2022

Working with Non-Montessori Team Members, with Molly Easton, Bardfield Montessori Day Nursery, 17 May 2022

What do we Understand by Normalisation, with Heidi van Staden and Antonella Cirillo, 10 May 2022

Working with Parents, with Charlotte Awdry, Laura Perfetti and Kate Unsworth, 8 March 2022

Evolution of a Montessori Guide, with Tammy Oesting, 1 March 2022

The Future of Early Childhood Education, with Nathan Archer, 22 February 2022

The Favourable Environment, with Barbara Isaacs and Team, 8 February 2022

Reflections from the Ground on the Revised EYFS, 18 January 2022

The Power of Storytelling, with Helen Lumgair, 11 January 2022

Children’s Big Ideas, with Barbara Isaacs and Team, 14 December 2021

Interacting or Interfering? with Antonella Cirillo, 9 November 2021

Your Ofsted Inspection, With HMI Wendy Ratcliffe, October 2021 – this session was not recorded but Wendy Ratcliffe’s presentation slides are available.

Loose Parts Play, with Alice Sharp, 28 September 2021

Are You Ready For Next Year, with Barbara Isaacs and Michelle Wisbey, 29 June 2021

Imagination and Creativity in a Montessori Setting, with Roxana Haloiu, 8 June 2021

Characteristics of Effective Learning, with Barbara Isaacs, 27 April 2021

The Revised EYFS, with Melanie Pilcher, 20 April 2021

Fostering Resilience in Times of Change, with Annie Davy, 16 March 2021

Birth to 5 Matters, with Nancy Stewart, 9 March 2021

Cultural Capital, with Helen Moylett, 9 February 2021

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